Data Monitoring on a 6.0L Diesel with the ScanGaugeII





 Although the ScanGauge II is not a full-blown scan tool, it can be used to aid in diagnosing many common problems. Having the ability to view engine data can help prevent major breakdowns. The ScanGauge II can also read and clear codes. This can help in troubleshooting a specific issue on your truck. Below is a list of ScanGauge PIDS, their names and what you should expect to see under normal driving conditions.



ECT = Engine Coolant Temperature - this should not exceed 235°F

EOT = Engine Oil Temperature - this should not exceed 255°F

BST = Boost - the normal range is 0-25 psi although, depending on conditions

you may see boost go a little higher. It should not exceed 30psi. 

ICP = Injection Control Pressure - this will read a range of 0-4000 psi and will vary depending on driving condition and engine temperature, you need at least

500 psi of ICP for the engine to start. 

IPR = Injection Pressure Regulator Duty Cycle - the normal range for this is 14-80% most trucks run a max of about 75%, if the ICP is low, check this number to determine if there may be a leak in the high-pressure oil system. If this number is above 80% it usually indicates that there is a leak, the IPR valve may be weak or sticking, or the HPOP is going bad.

FMP = Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) Main Power - The voltage should remain steady around 48 volts. If this voltage is dropping below 46 volts while the engine is cranking or running, that would indicate a FICM power supply failure and would require replacement. 

FLP = FICM Logic Power – This should normally be at or around battery voltage. If no voltage is showing up for this PID, check the fuses.

SYC = FICM Sync - This should be a "yes" or "1" to allow the engine to start. FICM Sync happens when the cam and crank sensor signals have been received by the PCM and have been sent to the FICM successfully. If you are having a no start condition and FICM sync is a "no" or "0" this would indicate a lack of cam and crank sensor signal to the FICM from the PCM. 

TFT = Transmission Fluid Temperature – this should be no greater than 250°F

FSS = Fan Speed Sensor – This number, measured in RPM, varies and is dependent on engine load, engine temperatures, A/C command and driving conditions.

EVM = EGR Valve Position Measured – This shows the position of the EGR valve. Measured in percentage, a high number indicates the valve is open and a low number is closed.

This is not a complete list of available PIDs available for the 6.0L. This is just a list of the most common PIDs that are used in monitoring or troubleshooting. For more information and additional X-Gauge commands, visit


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