Cummins EGR Coolers
Bullet Proof Diesel offers upgraded Cummins EGR Coolers for the Cummins engine that has long been known to be one of the strongest, most reliable engine platforms for light, medium and heavy duty trucks. Studies show that approximately 75% of all Ram 2500/3500 pickup owners choose the optional Cummins Turbo Diesel engine and in 2019 the 1000 lb-ft of torque variant was introduced. This engine platform seemed to help keep buyers focused more on the reliability or reputation of the engine and not so much on the interiors that were less than competitive with the other diesel trucks in their segment. A common comment among enthusiasts is that the Ram trucks fall apart around the Cummins engine and while this may sound like a deal breaker for some, the Cummins engine reputation has proven to be the major deciding factor for many of those out looking for a diesel engine pickup.

In 2008 those that chose the Cummins engine option in their Ram truck, welcomed the 6.7L variant and said goodbye to the outdated 5.9L engine that had been used in the Ram truck since 1989. While the 6.7L seemed to be superior in almost every way as compared to the 5.9L, Cummins was forced to add an EGR system as a result of stricter emissions control mandates. This meant that the same EGR cooler failures that had existed on the Power Stroke and Duramax variants in previous years, were sure to happen on the Cummins engine as well. While Cummins EGR cooler failure may not have been as commonplace for the Cummins engine as it was for the 6.0L Power Stroke engine, there were still failures and many times this would lead to more serious engine damage.

When an Cummins EGR cooler fails, it will normally allow engine coolant to enter the cylinders and cause white steam or smoke out of the exhaust. Many times this would be thought of to be cylinder head/head gasket failure, as this symptom - without an EGR system - normally would be. Because this EGR cooler system was so foreign to the faithful Cummins owners and technicians alike, many times this problem would be misdiagnosed and of course head gasket replacement would not solve the problem. This turned out to be a very costly mistake both for the professional working on the engine and vehicle owners alike. Once word got out that the factory EGR coolers were problematic and that if it failed, it could cause serious engine damage, end users and repair facilities started looking for a suitable upgraded replacement.

The factory Cummins EGR coolers utilize a tube and fin style heat exchanger, the internals look similar to a radiator. The problem with this is as the internals of the Cummins EGR cooler heat and cool, the metal also expands and contracts. Over time this constant expansion and contraction puts serious stress on the internals because they don't have flexibility, ultimately leading to cracking of the heat exchanger. Once this internal failure happens, engine coolant will be allowed to enter the cylinders or exhaust system, causing all sorts or more serious engine damage including cylinder head gasket failure. This type of internal failure is very common amongst all factory EGR coolers and to date it doesn't look like the OEM’s are interested in solving this problem. The word is that the OE’s make more margin or profit from selling unreliable replacement parts, than they do when the truck is actually sold. So it is no wonder why they aren't interested in actually solving the problem, if they can sell you a replacement part that they know is going to fail, hence selling you another one down the road.

While there are some aftermarket options available, most of them are so similar in design as the factory unit, that they are not really improved and have the potential to fail in a similar way. Fortunately, there is an aftermarket option that actually solves the problem utilizing an all new way of thinking about heat exchangers.

Cummins H-core EGR Cooler
Bullet Proof Diesel out of Mesa AZ developed and patented a heat exchanger technology and they call it H-Core. They manufacture all of their BulletProof EGR Coolers at their manufacturing plant in Mesa and offer upgraded EGR coolers for almost every Cummins engine variant. What is H-Core? Well - it is very cool and makes EGR coolers VERY reliable. It works by using twisted sets of tubing in place of traditional straight or rigid tubes. By twisting the tubing, they are able to flex and move - greatly reducing stress on the bulkheads and seams. These tubes act sort of like a spring in that they are allowed to expand and contract without putting undue stress on the heat exchanger assembly. This also allows them to stack the tubing very close together, allowing for more tubing - and cooler EGR gas - than would be with traditional straight tubes. This is great news for Cummins engine owners as they will not have to install a factory EGR cooler when their cooler fails, or an even better idea is to upgrade to a BulletProof EGR Cooler proactively.

Cummins ERG Cooler from Bullet Proof Diesel
At the end of the day, the Cummins engine sure has proven to be a reliable, long lasting engine platform. This engine leaves very little to be improved, with the obvious exception of the factory EGR cooler. You can check out the entire lineup of upgraded BulletProof EGR Coolers at