The Form-A-Funnel helps contain messy situations

Once your truck is upgraded with the Bullet Proof Diesel engine oil cooler system, you may find that changing the oil filter can be quite messy. Here are some tips for keeping the oil filter change as mess free as possible.

  1. Get a Form-A-Funnel. They are the best. They can be manipulated into
    many shapes to fit in awkward locations. 
  1. For early trucks (’03-‘04), either remove the rock shield or remove the two lower bolts and loosen the upper one so the shield can be pulled back
    enough to physically remove the filter. On the late trucks (’05-’07), removing the rock shield is not necessary.
  1. Set up a drain pan and place the funnel below the oil filter (on the suspension cross-member) and use a screwdriver to punch a hole in the filter housing as close to the bottom as possible. Make sure the hole aims at the funnel and drain pan. 
  1. Let the filter drain as much as possible, then carefully loosen the filter about one turn. This will allow more oil to continue to drain. 
  1. Once it looks like the oil has stopped draining remove the oil filter and clean up any mess that is left. 
  1. Add a quart of oil to the new filter and spin it on. Re-install the rock shield, or rock shield hardware. 
  1. You should be done and have minimal mess at this point.                                   
  2.  Be sure to top off the engine with oil until it reads as full on the dipstick.