Patented H-core technology from Bullet Proof Diesel

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Our H-Core Technology is used by fleets nationwide.... why not yours?

Our EGR Coolers are designed to meet very demanding conditions - yours! We know that your vehicles need to be out on the road - not in the shop! - so we've designed our H-Core EGR coolers to meet those high demands.

We make a wide variety of direct factory-fit OEM upgrades such as International, Ford, Duramax, and Cummins, and we will work with you to develop other solutions. Just give us a call, email, or complete our inquiry below to discuss your particular needs and potential lead times. We look forward to the opportunity to help.

Our H-Core Technology - What's the difference?

It isn't easy to get a new patent on a heat exchanger, but we did! That's how unique and different our heat exchanger technology is. Most EGR coolers are designed with rigid, unforgiving channels filled with fins. H-Core EGR coolers are designed to forgive and flex, rather than resist and break. This translates to EGR coolers that stand up to the daily grind even when thermal events (water pump failure, coolant leaks, etc) do their best to damage critical components.

A conventional channel and fin EGR cooler is shown in the upper right and the Bullet Proof Diesel H-Core technology is in the lower left. See the difference?

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Bullet Proof Diesel - An Innovator in EGR Coolers

Bullet Proof Diesel has been an industry leader in aftermarket EGR cooler production since 2009. Our current production EGR coolers are a direct factory fit and dramatically increase reliability. Our EGR coolers are designed with reliability in mind, which is why we make them resistant to thermal shock created by non-normal operating conditions such as coolant loss or water pump failure.

Put Bullet Proof Diesel's H-Core in your fleet today

Contact us and let us know how we can help with your EGR cooler problem. We are here to help! You can email us at, call us at 480-247-2331 or, if you prefer, you can fill in the form below. Please try to include the following information:

  • The specific engine and manufacturer.
  • The symptoms you've seen associated with the failed EGR cooler.
  • If you can - please take a photograph of the EGR cooler. We will ask you to email it to us.

We look forward to hearing from you