Bullet Proof Diesel Professional Installers FAQ

Do you have special pricing for jobbers/shops?

We do have special jobber pricing via our 'Preferred Installers' program.

To qualify, you have to read and sign the "New Preferred Installer Agreement Form".

Follow the instructions on the form to allow for the best and easiest order processing.

How do we get our shop featured on BulletProofDiesel.com?

Once we have your completed 'Preferred Installer Agreement Form', we will start to work with you and your shop to get you on the map. We do have minimum requirements for being placed on and staying on the map. We refer customers to our installers every day so don't hesitate to get on this list.

What is your Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy?

Please CLICK HERE to view our MAP Policy 

What is your warranty?

Please CLICK HERE to view our Warranty Information.

My customer just wants to replace his EGR cooler only. That's ok, right?

As diesel shop owners we have been in your shoes. The customer wants to install the bare-bones minimum required to get their truck back on the road. At the same time, you have an obligation to fix vehicles and fix them right.

Consider this, if the customer came in with a seized-up alternator and a ripped apart serpentine belt, would you let the customer talk you into just replacing the serpentine belt? What if the customer came in with a brake problem and you found that one brake pad is still new while the other pad is metal on metal, would you only change the pads to save the customer money? I hope the answer in both cases is "NO!"; as should be your answer to a customer with a plugged up engine oil cooler and a blown EGR cooler.

Do your customer and your reputation a favor, explain to them the short-term pain but the long-term gain of doing the job right the first time.

How do you handle COREs?

We handle CORES for our jobbers the same way that you already do with your other vendors. We bill you up-front for the CORE charge and upon return of your old EGR cooler, we will refund you the CORE money. To make returning the product nice and easy, we simply include a pre-paid FedEx label with each EGR cooler. Simply put the old core in the box, place the return label over the top of the old label and let FedEx do the rest!