BulletProof Engine Oil System 2003-2004 - Upgraded Oil Filtration - Heavy-Duty Air/Oil Cooling; Designed for Hot Climates - Tall

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Not compatible with E-Series (Van)) Know This Before You Buy

Product Features

BulletProof Engine Oil System 2003-2004 - Upgraded Oil Filtration - Heavy-Duty Air/Oil Cooling; Designed for Hot Climates - Tall

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • Upgrade Engine Reliability With Better Oil Filtration And Cooling
  • Real-world Tested And Patented Product; From Baja To Alaska
  • Heavy-Duty Cooler Designed For Heavy-Duty Applications
  • Bullet Proof Oil Filtration Prevents Issues With The OEM Oil Filter Assembly
  • NOT Compatible With Most After-Market Bumpers Without Additional Bracket.  See "Before You Buy"
  • NOT Compatible With Tilt-Cab Applications

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Mitchell1 Manual Installation Manual

Need help with this product? Call 1-888-967-6653 or 480-247-2331


This kit will allow you to upgrade your 6.0L Ford engine oil cooler from the problematic OEM style to our reliable and capable Air to Oil engine oil cooler.  Upgrading your engine oil cooler is one of the MOST IMPORTANT upgrades you can do if reliability and longevity is your goal.

This kit also upgrades the engine oil filtration to a reliable, simple, spin-on style filter that is commercially available from Wix, NAPA, etc.

This is the perfect kit for towing and hot climates.  Remember - It's not where you live, it's where your BulletProof 6.0L will take you!

Not sure about the "All Climate" or "Hot Climate" option?  The All Climate is designed for those that experience cold weather; this package adds a patented engine oil thermostat that prevents the oil from operating at too low of a temperature.

Keep in mind, the Bullet Proof Air to Oil cooler is designed to work in hot summer climates like Phoenix, Arizona. This means that it will work exceedingly well in Alaska in January. Good rule of thumb? If you think you might need the all climate option, then you should buy it.


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Before You Purchase

Please double check your A/C Condenser and Power Steering Cooler Configurations.  Some additional products might be necessary to facilitate a perfect installation.

This product is designed to work with a factory/OEM bumper. If you have questions about this kit working with your truck, please email or call us BEFORE you purchase to ensure proper fit and function. A bracket for the aftermarket bumpers may be needed. 


Problems with the OEM Oil Cooler
OEM vs BulletProof Oil Cooler
Replace Both Coolers at Same Time
Decipher your VIN Code
Data Monitor your Diesel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews

Great product. Major pain in the butt to install and instructions ant not the best, but totally worth it.

Jason Gaskin

This was by far one of the best upgrades I have installed on my 04 f350. It was very easy to install, parts were all there and fit very nicely. I have installed 5 original ford oil coolers to which all plugged and oil temp would rise,so being in South Georgia it was very needful. I would recommend this to anyone with a 6.0 for pulling or every day driving. As a service tech on heavy machinery I am not impressed very often by aftermarket equipment but this product works. Thanks


Dont always give reviews but this one deserves it. Have a 04 6.0 newly rebuilt and wouldn't you know it brand new factory oil cooler plugged. I changed radiator and bought a back flush kit which was a waste of money but hoped it would work. Sun of a gun NOPE no such luck. My EOT would run around 230 to 235 and coolant temp around 190 ish . That was driving it easy light towing no hills etc. I was planning a trip to phx from Oklahoma and decided to visit BPD in Mesa . The guys were great they came out looked at my truck and got me the system I needed . Before I left Az to be safe i changed the oil for the ride back to Oklahoma. I installed the cooler and remote filter the next weekend . The directions to kit were very good it went easy for the most part . The remote oil filter was probably the most difficult of the whole kit and that wasent even that bad. Since running the new cooler WOW what a change normal driving EOT run about 15 degrees cooler the coolant temps. I was shocked. So I hooked up my trailer with a skidsteer on and out it to the test drive it hard . The oil only got as high as 200 and cooled right back down after I let off. If you are having factory cooler trouble spend the money and get one. I am totally convinced this product is superior and really works. It is well worth the money and the piece of mind . I am a happy customer. Just 1 complaint the Tshirt they put in the box was a large and I needed a 3x . Killer product killer results.

Kris kern
Wow oil cooler

so here it is the break down of the bp oil cooler for 6.0 I have a early build 04 f-250 and I had just put in a brand new motor in my truck and 6 months into it my oil cooler started running hot so I changed it out with a oem ford oil cooler from ford and 4 months later while on a trip towing my 23 foot ski boat up steep hills my oil temp shot up to 244 but my coolant temp never got higher than 205 so it was at that time I decided to buy the bp remote oil cooler kit and yes $2300.00 is a huge chunk of cash but I just put a need motor in it and wanted to mAke it last and since am a mechanic anyways the money I would be saving made it worth it to get the install was pretty straight forward if you. Have done a oil cooler you can do it i only ran into one problem and that was the remote oil filter housing that goes under fender well one of the lines didnt get tightened down and on start up sprayed oil every where the only thing I do recommend Is to put a cooling fan on the out side to help with lower speed hill climbs and the big one that might help a lot of people is you don’t have to discharge your a/c you just need a couple extra set of hands to help hold the condenser Out while bolting on the oil cooler but a easy way around that is to but the oil cooler brackets and or transmission cooler the brackets in the bottom that don’t tell you in the instructions how short to make them but make them 2 1/2 inches from bottom of cooler but hands down best up grade you can do

Guadalupe Garcia
Best air cooled oil cooler upgrade

Thanks to Jacobs help after my installation truck had some issues. After talking with Jacob we were able to address them now truck running like a champ. Oil temp where it should be also highly recommend.