A few simple things to check before you install your BulletProof Engine System Upgrade.

A/C Condenser - Original or Updated?


As you can see, Ford updated the condenser.  This newer version of condenser (or an after-market version) requires an additional part for mounting your BulletProof Air-to-Oil Cooler.


Purchase the Non-Traditional A/C Condenser Bracket Here

Pro Tip: Some customers love the fact that this bracket is future-looking.  In the event that a condenser needs to be replaced, having the bracket already installed puts them ahead of the game.

Power Steering Coolers - Need to Relocate?

On late model 2006 and all 2007 F-Series, Ford moved the Power Steering cooler from the lower mount position (down between the fog lamps in the front bumper) to the higher mounted position - directly underneath the hood latch mechanism.


BulletProof Power Steering Relocation Kit

If you have the high-mounted version, then you need to relocate your cooler to the lower position.  Don't worry - we've made it easy to do.