ScanGaugeIII can help you monitor your vehicle’s most vital systems and provide real-time information.

ScanGauge III is the perfect device to help you keep an eye on things. It easily installs in minutes and provides real-time information on your car’s vital systems. 

The ScanGauge II has been around for a while and has really proven itself to be a valuable tool for many diesel truck owners. The appeal of the ScanGauge II has been its low cost and ease of use.

Not only can you read live engine data, but it allowed users to read and clear codes as well. Here at Bullet Proof Diesel, we have helped many customers troubleshoot problems with their trucks by using data from a ScanGauge II. Now, the next evolution of the ScanGauge is here. The ScanGauge III offers users the same ability to read engine data, read and clear codes, and more. The ScanGauge III allows more data to be displayed at the same time on the color touch screen. Just like the version before it, the ScanGauge III is compatible with OBDII vehicles from 1996 and up. This means that you can use it on your diesel truck as well as your friend's car.

The ScanGauge III has a 4.3” full color touch screen that is responsive and easy to navigate. Up to nine different gauges can be displayed onscreen at the same time. The vivid color screen can be customized to match the color scheme of the gauges in your instrument cluster. Users can also create multiple pages that can be configured with different gauges to monitor depending on what the user wants to see. Once the pages are set up you can swipe between them to get the data you need.

ScanGauge III color select screen

Another neat feature that is new for the ScanGauge III has the ability to load X-Gauges without having to manually enter the commands. Now all that is needed is to go into the MORE menu, select X-Gauge, select Auto Scan, then select your vehicle manufacturer then hit SELECT, then START SCAN. Once that is done, select the gauges you want to monitor or SELECT ALL then hit SAVE and now you can view the additional gauges.

The ability to update the ScanGauge III has now gone wireless. You can connect to your WiFi and automatically update the device. Previously when there was an update available, you would need to send the device back to the manufacturer for the update. Now you can update to the latest software version on your own, wirelessly. If additional features or software bug fixes become available, all you need to do is run the update and you are done.

The scan tool function of the ScanGauge III has also been improved over the previous version. Now you get a better description of the code, and it is a little easier to read. You are also able to check for pending codes which can be quite helpful in troubleshooting problems. Another great, new feature is the ability to check the emissions readiness status. If you need to go through emissions, you can save yourself a wasted trip by checking the emissions readiness. This data will allow you to see what monitors have completed successfully and which ones still need to be completed. If you have a monitor that will not complete, you may need to troubleshoot that system to determine why.

The trip computer that is available on the ScanGauge III is quite robust. The four built-in trip computers can be used to monitor your fuel economy and can be configured to determine the fuel used, the cost of fuel per trip, the cost per mile and more. All of this can be configured with data specific to your vehicle to get you the most accurate trip data possible. The real-time data can be used to modify your driving habits and potentially increase your fuel economy as well. All the trip computer data is stored on the device and is retained even if the power is disconnected.

While the ScanGauge III costs about $80 more than its predecessor, it is still a very affordable option for data monitoring. If you already own or were looking to pick up a ScanGauge II, consider stepping up to the ScanGauge III instead, with all the new features it makes updates and set-up a breeze plus you can monitor up to 9 data points at once instead of 4. 

Keep your car running like new with ScanGaugeIII. It’s the perfect way to stay on top of your vehicle’s health and make sure that you never have any unexpected surprises. Buy yours today and start monitoring your car’s systems like a pro. 

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