BulletProof Billet Water Pumps for Ford and Cummins - Built by Bullet Proof Diesel

That's why we created the Bullet Proof Diesel Billet Water Pump. It features an aluminum impeller in place of the OEM plastic impeller, top of the line bearing assembly, top-grade seal and an all-billet precision machined housing. This stronger impeller resists cracking along the hub helping to prevent impeller failures, overheating engines and expensive repairs.

Installing a Bullet Proof Diesel Billet Water Pump is one of the best decisions you can make to protect your Ford Powerstroke from overheating. This pump will provide years of reliable service and help keep your engine running cooler under heavy loads.

If your Ford Powerstroke water pump needs to be replaced, you're probably wondering how much it will cost to replace it.

In this blog post, we'll provide an estimate of the cost to replace a water pump in different Ford Powerstroke models. We will also address the most common issues related to the original (OEM) water pump. Issue such as:

  • powerstroke water pump failure symptoms

The water pump is typically located in the front - center of the engine.  Power Stroke water pumps can fail in several ways, the most common being bearing or seal failure.  When a water pump bearing starts to fail, the typical symptom is a loud grinding noise from the drive belt area.  This grinding noise might be worse when the engine is cold and actually quite down a bit as the engine warms up.  If this symptom is ignored, the bearing can seize up and cause the drive belt to fail as a result.  If you hear any sort of abnormal noise coming from the drive belt area, the water pump might be the first place to look.

  • powerstroke water pump noise

A loud grinding or groaning noise from the water pump area, probably means that the water pump bearing is failing.  If this failing bearing is ignored, it can seize and cause engine drive belt failure. 

  • powerstroke water pump leak

In most cases, when a Power Stroke water pump is leaking, it will be because the seal inside of the water pump has failed.  This seal is subjected to high engine RPMs, heat cycles from hot to cold, and engine vibrations.  While these seals are quite durable, they don't last forever.  Did you know that most water pumps actually leak all of the time?  Most water pump seals don't seal perfectly all of the time and most water pumps have what is called a "weep hole".  Normally the very small amount coolant that leaks out of this weep hole, is contained inside of a chamber on the outside of the water pump, so that it does not leak on the ground.  If the seal fails, then this chamber will overflow and cause an external leak that should be noticeable, or leak on the ground.  If the water pump leaks, then you should also notice the coolant level in the coolant tank decreasing.  If you are ever adding coolant to your cooling system, there is most likely a leak somewhere.  Do not neglect your engine cooling system.

  • 6.0 powerstroke water pump replacement, Cost and time

 Replacing the water pump on a 6.0L engine is not too difficult if you have the right tools and expertise.  One of the most difficult parts of the job is removing the fan clutch from the front of the water pump.  The fan clutch has a very large nut that requires a tool like this to remove the fan clutch.  Water pump replacement should take about 2-3 hours and other than the fan clutch removal tool, can be done with basic hand tools.  For detailed removal and installation instructions, here is a link to an online option that costs about $20 and is good for up to a month:  Mitchell One Repair  The book labor time for water pump replacement is 3 hours and if you are going to have a repair facility perform the install, plan for about $150/hour, so a total labor charge of about $450.  Just keep in mind that there are other supplies needed for the water pump replacement such as replacement engine coolant.  In addition while replacing the water pump, you may also want to consider replacing the serpentine belt and inspecting the belt tensioner and idler pulleys.     

  • 6.0 powerstroke water pump failure symptoms
  • powerstroke water pump upgrade

Finally, we made a video that explains the difference between a OEM and a Bullet Proof Diesel Water Pump. 

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