Custom Applications

Bullet Proof Diesel 6.0L Oil Cooler Delete Adapter

Bullet Proof Diesel

from $412.50

Turbo Oil Feed Adapter, Ford 6.0L Diesel

Bullet Proof Diesel


Air to Oil Cooler, Bullet Proof Diesel

Bullet Proof Diesel

from $561.35

6.0L Vacuum Reservoir Relocation Kit

Bullet Proof Diesel


Plug, Steel, #12 ORB Hex Head

Bullet Proof Diesel


Diesel Engine Parts for Custom Applications

Our custom application diesel parts includes adapters, remote mounts, build-your-own custom applications, mounting brackets, oil filter protectors, large-capacity oil filters, hoses and hose fittings.

You'll find more than a dozen specialized adapters and Push-Loc fittings for sale, including 45°, 90°, 120°, 150° and 180° aluminum Push-Loc hose ends. Our 3/4" blue Push-Loc hose holds pressures of as much as 300 psi and can sustain temperatures as high as 300°F. Numerous other adapters include MJIC to #8 90° steel ORB fittings, MJIC to #8 ORB straight steel fittings, #12 ORB to #12 JIC steel 90° ported fittings and #12 ORB to #12 JIC steel, straight ported fittings.

Other diesel engine supplies for custom application include an oil cooler delete adapter, remote mount oil cooler adapter, oil filter adapters and mounting brackets. Whatever sort of custom job you have in mind, you’ll find the parts and equipment at Bullet Proof Diesel to fit your budget and your engine setup. Shop with us today for fast, reliable shipping.