Oil Cooler Adapter, Remote Mount, Ford 6.4L, Without Oil Cooler

Manufacturer: Bullet Proof Diesel
Product code: 6502221
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Product Features

Oil Cooler Adapter, Remote Mount, Ford 6.4L, Without Oil Cooler

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • For Custom Applications
  • Allows For Remote Mounting of 6.4L OEM Oil Cooler
  • Works Well With BPD Oil Cooler Delete Plate, 6.4L
Mitchell1 Manual

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This is an oil cooler adapter plate that allows you to remote mount a Ford OEM 6.4L oil cooler. It is intended only for build-your-own custom applications.
This product does not come with any technical support of any kind. This is solely intended for custom applications, period. If you order this product with the 6.4L oil cooler, it will come assembled as shown in the product picture.
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