Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket, Original OEM Condenser, Ford 6.0L

Bullet Proof DieselSKU: 6502044_R1

Air-To-Oil Cooler: Standard/Deep
Sale price$102.60

Product Features

Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket, Original OEM Condenser, Ford 6.0L

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • Allows For Easy Mounting To Original OEM A/C Condenser
  • Rugged, Tough Design
  • Two Versions: Standard/Deep or Tall, Determined By Air-To-Oil Cooler Size
  • Mounting Hardware Not Included

Mitchell1 Manual Installation Manual

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This bracket is required for mounting the Bullet Proof Air-to-Oil Cooler to a traditional OEM 6.0L condenser. If you do NOT have an original OEM A/C condenser (see picture), then you will need this bracket AND our adapter bracket kit.

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Customer Reviews

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Rick Huvar

Perfect fit excellent customer service thank you John for your trouble I know it was a pain sending everything piecemeal thanks again

Jason D.
Great Product - Saves Condenser Evac/Recharge

Easy product to work with. I had to remove my bumper and radiator support core but both are easy removals. They require a buddy to keep from marring paint. They are not heavy but they are awkward. Outside of that, the condenser can stay intact and the bracket/oil cooler can be slipped in. I don't see how it takes any extra work than mounting the cooler directly to the condenser considering that method may require evacuating the AC system and you can do this in your garage.

Anyway, I recommend this bracket whether you have the old OR new condenser. I like the idea of having that relatively heavy cooler mounted to the bracket where the bracket can transfer the weight to the body and frame of the truck instead of having the AC condenser do it.

It's a very simple product, but an exceptional product.