An Upgraded BulletProof FICM ready for installation, the OEM version is on the right side.
Do You Think Your Ford 6.0L FICM is Failing?
Here are a few tips to help with the FICM diagnosis and repair.

The Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) is an essential part of the 6.0L engine. It is used to convert the 12-volt supply from the batteries into 48 volts to power the fuel injectors. It is also responsible for the timing and firing of the fuel injectors. The 6.0L FICM consists of two parts; the power supply half, and the logic half. Depending on which half fails, the symptoms can vary.

Some of the most common symptoms of a failed power supply side are:

  • The engine is hard to start, especially if it has sat overnight.
  • A longer than normal crank time.
  • Crank no-start.
  • Starts but then dies or runs very rough.
  • Trouble code PO611 – (FICM Performance)
  • Any or all of the eight injector Low Circuit Codes P0621, P0264, P0270, P0273, P0276, P0279 and P0282.

These signs appear when the power to the injectors read less than 48 volts. One

FICM VOLTAGE READof the first things to check is your battery voltage. Low batteries are a common cause of low FICM voltage and FICM power supply failure. If your battery voltage is OK the next step is to check the FICM voltage to be sure this is your failure. We have a how-to test your FICM video here. If the FICM voltage is ok and there is still a problem, you may have a logic board going bad.

Some common symptoms of a possible failed logic half could be:

  • The engine runs but misfires.
  • Crank – no start due to loss of FICM SYNC.
  • Injectors don’t buzz like normal prior to starting.
  • Frequent engine stalling.
  • Check engine light on dash is lit.
  • Loss of power while driving.
  • Single cylinder misfire codes
  • Injector circuit high codes for one or more cylinders

If the injectors don’t sound like they are doing their normal "buzzing" when the key is turned on, then it might be a FICM logic board issue, even if the voltage is reading normally. 

Diagnosing a faulty logic board can be quite challenging without factory style scan tools and it may be best to get the truck to a diesel repair facility for



Bullet Proof Diesel does offer FICM testing and diagnosis if you think you are having FICM issues in your 6.0L Power Stroke. With various replacement options that you can choose from there is sure to be a perfect fit for your application.