FICM Inspection Cover, Ford 6.0L

Bullet Proof Diesel


FICM Complete Diesel Power Supplies

The FICM (fuel injection control module) on Ford Powerstroke 6.0L diesel engines is responsible for producing a 48-volt electrical supply to the two solenoids controlling the pressurized flow of oil needed by the fuel injectors to function properly. If the voltage drops below the required 48 volts, the fuel flow cannot be properly regulated, resulting in fuel injectors that will operate improperly, causing difficult starting, rough running, decreased power and potential injector damage.

We sell parts for diesel truck FICM power supplies and OEM FICM power supply replacements. We offer both super-high-quality BulletProof diesel fuel injector control modules and a lower-priced, simpler TechSmart FICM power supply. We also offer a FICM rebuild/repair service that we perform here at our location and then ship back to you. Click the product image of the FICM setup you’re interested in, and choose product specifications before adding to your cart.