BulletProof FICM Power Supply, 4-Pin, 6-Phase, Black, 48-58 Volts

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Product Features

BulletProof FICM Power Supply, 4-Pin, 6-Phase, Black, 48-58 Volts

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel


  • Features Strong, Durable, Thick Circuit Board
  • No Programming Required
  • Heat and Vibration Resistance Built-In
  • Upgraded Military Spec Circuit Components
  • Billet Outer Case - Better Protection, Better Heat Dissipation
  • Adjustable Output Voltage: 48, 53, or 58


  • 2003-2007 F-Series (4 Pin Only)
  • 2003-2005 Excursion (4 Pin Only)
  • 2003-2010 E-Series (4 Pin Only)

Also Know:

  • Inspection Cover Included 
  • This is the Most Popular FICM Power Supply We Sell!
  • Setting your FICM to 58 volts will set a soft code (P0611). 
    • This code will NOT trigger a check engine light or affect how the truck runs.

Mitchell1 Manual Installation Manual

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The BulletProof FICM is an upgraded power supply which is now available in both a 4-phase or 6-phase version. The BulletProof FICM also comes with an all-billet aluminum housing for improved heat dissipation and an updated look.

The 4- and 6-phase versions of the BulletProof FICM power supply feature a much thicker, vibration-resistant printed circuit board, military grade electrical components, a full board heat-sink and strong circuit board construction. While the 4-phase version is a greatly improved upgrade of the 4-phase OEM power supply, the 6-phase version of the BulletProof FICM features two additional circuits that share the work load with the other four. The improved circuitry and upgraded components - combined with additional circuits - means this power supply is worthy of the name Bullet Proof Diesel.

The 6-phase version of the board has user selectable settings to increase the voltage output to either 53 or 58 volts, up from the standard 48 volts.

The BulletProof FICM does NOT need to be programmed because this product is JUST the power supply portion of the FICM, not the entire FICM. The entire FICM consists of two parts: the logic board and the power supply. The logic board seldom fails and it is the part with the programming on board. The power supply half of the FICM fails 9/10 times (according to Ford) and this portion of the FICM does not need to be programmed.

Customers have reported positive side effects when using the BulletProof FICM Power Supply. These benefits include increased fuel economy, faster starting, overall performance increases, better cold driveability and the overcoming of fuel injector stiction.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 270 reviews

I love this think I have mine set at 53 volts

adam ebie

Happy with item

6 phase FICM supply

FICM supply arrived on schedule. Easy swap and issue free. Engine starting is much improved. Running on base voltage, which seems to be 49 volts for this supply, which is nice. May try the 53v option later. Wish the part was viewable after install, since it is very well made with the black polish finish.

Ken Tzakis
4 Pin 6 Phase FICM

I snipped the wire for the 58Volt and the truck runs really good. It starts good and the injectors seem to be quieter. Very good product.

Joseph Walker

It wasn’t what was wrong with my truck it was the fuse box the fuel relay it’s working great I’m very happy with it