BulletProof EGR Cooler, Square, H-CORE

Bullet Proof DieselSKU: NT-EGRC-2_H-Core

Sale price$385.00
  • 1x Core: Square EGR Core Charge - NT-EGRC-2 - Semi BulletProof ($50.00)

Product Features

BulletProof EGR Cooler, Square, H-CORE

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • Helically Formed Stainless Steel Tubing
  • Reduced Stress And Strain Means Improved Reliability
  • Vacuum Brazed And Tig Welded For Strong Seams
  • Quality Control Ensures Direct Fit Every Time
  • Lifetime Parts-only Warranty.
  • California CARB# D-730-2

Also Know

  • Gaskets and hardware are NOT included with this product.  You can find them here:  EGR Cooler Gasket Set
  • We also STRONGLY recommend replacement of your engine oil cooler at the same time. Watch the videos to learn why.
  • There is a fully refundable CORE charge with this product that will be added to your cart at checkout. Learn more here: CORE Policy

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Need help with this product? Call 1-888-967-6653 or 480-247-2331


Bullet Proof Diesel has long been the innovator that put reliable and EGR Cooler together in the same sentence. We started with the Ford 6.0L square EGR cooler and we have not stopped innovating since.

This EGR Cooler fits all 2004.25 and newer 6.0L diesel engines. Not sure what version EGR cooler you have? Verify with easy video below.

This new version of the square cooler for the Ford 6.0L engines features our patented H-Core technology. What is H-Core? Well - it's cool and it's something that makes EGR coolers VERY reliable! It works by using twisted sets of tubing in place of traditional straight or rigid tubes. By twisting the tubing, they are able to flex and move - greatly reducing stress on the bulkheads and seams. This also allows us to stack the tubing very close together, allowing for more tubing - and cooler EGR gas - than would be with traditional straight tubes.

This EGR cooler replaces 1845145C96, 1845145C97, 1845145C99, 4C3Z9P456AA, 4C3Z9P456AC, 4C3Z9P456AH, 4C3Z9P456AF, 4C3Z9P456AJ.

This product has a parts-only lifetime warranty so that you can purchase with confidence!


H-Core EGR Coolers from Bullet Proof Diesel
How H-Core Technology Works
Symptoms of a bad EGR Cooler
Do I need a Round or Square EGR Cooler?
Replace Both Coolers at Same Time
Problems with OEM Oil Cooler
BulletProof Oil Cooler vs. OEM Oil Cooler

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Money well spent!!

Mark Jeffes
Great product but...

High quality but no gaskets....

Don Baxter
Only the BEST

I have to admit after trying other cheap alternatives I went ahead and purchased the Bulletproof diesel square EGR cooler for my 2004 6.0 diesel Excursion. I am thoroughly impressed with the staff and their knowledge of the product. The design is spot on to reduce the load stress on the bulkheads to enhance the life of the cooler from the temperature changes. The welds look perfect matching the rest of the quality of the cooler. I would recommend this cooler to anyone who is replacing theirs.

DIY Install Successful!

This thing is sweet! The welds look perfect and the design behind it is waaay better than the POS I pulled out of my truck. If you're on the fence about your capabilities, I believe in you! Watch youtube, go one bolt at a time, and witness your truck become reliable again. 10/10 would recommend getting your intake manifold cleaned by an engine shop. Mine was full of sludge from all the carbon/coolant/oil coming out of my old EGR cooler. I replaced my oil cooler at the same time with updated Ford OEM, and all said and done my truck can breathe again. 350k miles and feels brand new. As for this part I am confident that it will hold up for the rest of this trucks life. Well worth the peace of mind! Core refund was super easy, you simply drop the old EGR cooler in the exact same box they ship the new one in, take it to FedEX and WABAM! $50 back on your account. Easy to work with these guys, I love it!

Jeff M.
Well Built EGR Cooler

This is one well built EGR Cooler. Perfect fit and shipping was very fast as usual. Should be the last cooler I will ever need to purchase.