BulletProof Engine Oil System Upgrade - Factory Oil Filter - Heavy-Duty Air/Oil Cooling; Designed for All Climates, 2003-2007

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Product Features

BulletProof Engine Oil System Upgrade - Factory Oil Filter - Heavy-Duty Air/Oil Cooling; Designed for All Climates, 2003-2007

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel


  • Upgrades Engine Oil System Increasing Reliabilty and Protecting Vital Components
  • Maintains Factory/OEM Engine Oil Filter
  • Great for Hot & Cold Climates and Towing Applications

Also Know

  • Add and Upgrade to a BulletProof EGR Cooler - Search "EGR Cooler" above.
  • Check Out our Professional Packs to get all the Parts and Updates that Should Be Done During This Upgrade.  Search "Professional Pack" above.

Mitchell1 Manual Installation Manual

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This kit will allow you to upgrade your 6.0L Ford engine oil cooler from the problematic OEM style to our reliable and capable Air to Oil engine oil cooler.  Upgrading your engine oil cooler is one of the MOST IMPORTANT upgrades you can do if reliability and longevity is your goal.

This kit maintains the original engine oil filter system and location.

This is the perfect kit for towing and both hot and cold climates.  Remember - It's not where you live, it's where your BulletProof 6.0L will take you!

Not sure about the "All Climate" or "Hot Climate" option?  The All Climate is designed for those that experience cold weather; this package adds a patented engine oil thermostat that prevents the oil from operating at too low of a temperature.

Keep in mind, the Bullet Proof air-to-oil cooler is designed to work in hot summer climates like Phoenix, Arizona. This means that it will work exceedingly well in Alaska in January. Good rule of thumb? If you think you might need the all climate option, then you should buy it.

Before You Purchase

Please double check your A/C Condenser and Power Steering Cooler Configurations.  Some additional products might be necessary to facilitate a perfect installation.

Check your Condenser and Power Steering Cooler Before you Buy


Problems with the OEM Oil Cooler
Decipher your VIN Code
Data Monitor your Diesel
Replace Both Coolers at Same Time

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thomas Pearn
06 f350

Very well engineered kit and looks great

Don Judge
Right choice!

I bought this unit to replace the one I had that didn’t last very long. It was a rebuilt unit and it started giving me problems. I was told this unit would be the best option for my 2005 6.0 by a trusted friend. He was spot on! It not only keeps the oil cooler but it helps keep the antifreeze cooler as well due to the oil being air cooled as well as being cooled by the oil cooler itself. I bought the EGR cooler also. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this if you are having oil cooler problems.

Peace of mind

This kit is literal perfection. It is so well thought out the packaging shows BPD takes pride in what they do. But what has me sold on BPD is their customer service. My kit was missing a part and after talking to their company rep I had the part in my hand the next day. The kit was no breeze to install but everything fit perfectly, hardware was laid out, and packed with an inventory slip. And the instructions could not have been any more clear.
Performance wise I haven’t had much time to drive the truck yet but oil temps stay in check even when towing an 8k camper down the interstate. And in town oil warms up quickly and stays put. I don’t foresee having any cooling issues and if I do know where to come for parts.

Great Solution ( Do yourself a favor and get the 7.3 fan clucth set up with this as well)

Truck is a 2005 F350 CCSB 4x4 with 80k miles. I have had this cooler on my truck for 3 months. I have towed and daily drove with it, but mainly tow. This summer I have towed my 16K lbs toy hauler here in SW Idaho. The temps in the summer can easily get 100 degrees. We also have some steep long hills. Some you can maintain some speed and others its hard to keep up speed to keep the air moving. When I first got it I would see my oil temps on the hills get 230 and above. Some of the pulls I would see 240 - 250 right at the top of the hill. Once I crested and got speed back up temps would slowly cool down. Temps were definitely hotter than I like to see. Pulling on the flats my oil would be around 200 - 210 degrees. Then I installed the 7.3 fan clutch set up and the BBP radiator. Once I installed the 7.3 fan clutch and BBD radiator my temps greatly decreased. That same hill that IÂ pulled my toy hauler up in 95 degree heat that I was hitting 240's and once 250 is now 231 degrees right at the top. All the other hills that would be 230's are now 222 and below. After putting the 7.3 fan clutch on and the new radiator (for better airflow as my old one was very plugged up) I noticed at least a 10 degree temp drop. At first I was thinking I made a costly mistake with this cooler but now I couldn't be happier with it.
This company has great customer service and high quality products.