Bullet Proof Diesel Do-It-Yourself Installation

Are there any vehicle manuals available? Torque specifications?

Instead of writing the instructions ourselves, we simply found a great resource for you to use. You can purchase the instructions from this web page for about $15. Having an excellent vehicle manual with fantastic diagrams and the like is going to save you way more than $15 or so worth of time and headaches.

To purchase an in-depth, Vehicle Manual click: Detailed Mitchell Manual Online

If you are looking for detailed instructions on installing Bullet Proof Diesel products, please visit our Information Page to download free instructions.

I plan on installing your products myself this weekend. What should I expect? How long will it take?

We get that question a lot and the answer is always the same: it's not an easy job to do. To give you a basis for what is in store, you should know this: an expert Ford technician who does this job all day, every day (and only this job) can do it in about 4-5 hours. Our general-service technicians who do this job thoroughly can do it in the average time (aka "Book Time") which is 8.5 hours (EGR cooler AND engine oil cooler, both). We anticipate that the weekend warrior doing this job with a set of Craftsman Tools is going to be working on this all weekend.

Another aspect of this job is that there are no special tools required, per se, to handle the job. However, there is lots of "over the radiator" work, getting to lots of items on top of the engine. If you are going to do this yourself, I truly hope you have strong knees or a Patented Bullet Proof Diesel Tech Step.

Lastly, if you are going to pay a professional to do this job remember this: good mechanics aren't cheap and cheap mechanics aren't good. You get what you pay for. A fair price? The going rate for good diesel service ranges from $70 to $110 per labor hour. So, on a 8.5 hour job, you're looking at about $700 to $1,000 for both the EGR cooler AND the engine oil cooler replacement. Additional work, of course, can change those prices, but talk it over with your service department BEFORE you hand them the keys.

I really want a professional to do this installation, is there one you would recommend?

Absolutely! Just click Find a Preferred Installer for a list of shops in your area. Have a favorite shop not on this list? Please let us know! We use referrals like yours to grow our network.