Tomar RECT 16 LED Lights

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Color: Amber
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Product Features

Tomar RECT 16 LED Lights

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • 6 ultra-high intensity LEDs

  • Trusted by first responders the RECT series lights were originally developed for firefighters, police, and EMS vehicles.

  • TOMAR-Patented Linear-Vibration Weld Seal rated IP69+ waterproof and dust-proof.

  • Two independent trigger wires for two programmable modes (e.g. steady-on and flashing).

  • Includes a sync wire for a clean, synchronized look.

  • Each light is available in a single color (amber, white/clear) 
    NOTE: The light color that is selected is the light color for that specific LED light

  • SAE J845 and SAE J595 compliant

  •       Wiring Diagram Here
  •       Light Operational and Programming Instructions

Mitchell1 Manual Installation Manual

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TOMAR’s RECT-16 dual-channel, ultra high-intensity LED warning light delivers a huge impact in a small footprint. Dual-channels offer up to two split lamp colors with dozens of user-select-able modes.

The RECT-16 is made with optical Lexan and hermetically sealed into a one piece design for easy installation. The RECT-16 has optics that are designed to optimize the light spread for either horizontal mounting (RECT-16LS version) or vertical mounting (RECT-16LSV version). The RECT-16 also meets SAE J845, SAE J595 and CAL Title 13 specifications.

The RECT-16’s compact size makes it the perfect auxiliary light for all the hard to fit locations. Mount directly to the body, the rear-view mirror, grille or the license plate.

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