Third Brake Light DUAL Antenna Mount - 2019-2024 Ford Ranger

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Product Features

Third Brake Light DUAL Antenna Mount - 2019-2024 Ford Ranger

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • All Aluminum Body
  • Brass NMO Antenna Base
  • 15' Co-Axial Cable Included
    • Call If You Need A Longer Cable 
  • PL-259 Male UHF Connector
    • Call If Other Connector Is Needed 
  • Perfect Fit For A Factory Look
  • Super Easy To Install
  • No Large Hole To Drill In The Top Of Your Cab
  • Patented Design

Also Know:

  • Will add approximately 1" to the third brake light.
  • May NOT be compatible with aftermarket third brake light assemblies

Mitchell1 Manual Installation Manual

Need help with this product? Call 1-888-967-6653 or 480-247-2331


This is the perfect fit for 2019-2024 Ranger.

When you are in the Baja as much as Neal Technologies, you know that having great communications means having a great antenna. Mounting that antenna has always been a choice between a temporary magnetic base mount or the dreaded drilling a large hole in the top of your truck. We knew that there had to be a better way and not only did we find it, we patented it too!

The Third Brake Light Dual Antenna Mount is simple to install and can be done with a minimal amount of tools. Of course we provide installation instructions (see link above) to make installation as easy as possible.

The Third Brake Light Antenna Mount features a lot of great benefits:

Save your Roof allows for an effective and simple way to attach an antenna at the back of the cab of your truck - without drilling a hole!

High-mount Location is the optimal location for maximum antenna effectiveness.

Weather-tight Seal gasket on the back-side of the mounting flange creates a weather-tight seal against the cab.

15-foot Co-axial Cable that is easy to run inside the cab above the head liner and then routed to various locations for your radio install.

Industry Standard Connectors with an NMO-style antenna base that is connected to fifteen feet of co-axial cable terminated with a PL-259 male UHF connector that works with a wide-range of popular radios on the market.  Need an SMA instead of a PL-259 for a weBoost Cell Signal Booster?  We can do that, just give us a call at 480-247-2331. 

Do you need a different length cable (standard is 15 feet)? Please give us a call and we can assist you with your specific needs!

Before You Purchase

May not be compatible with aftermarket third brake light assemblies.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rob Foth
Very Solid Piece of Gear

First...Let's start with the mechanical. This is a very solid piece of gear. Looks like it is machined from a solid block of aluminum and then powder coated. The backing plates are of a lesser quality and may strip (One of mine felt like it was starting to lose the thread) PEM nuts would have been a good addition. The directions are clear but do not include wire routing specifics for your vehicle (2022 Ford Ranger).
Electrically....The NMO connectors are of good quality and are sourced from a well respected Ham radio retailer (DX Engineering) The cable is RG-58 Series which is good for frequencies below 450 MHZ. If you are planning on using this for GPS, Cellular, etc. this is probably a little light. Cable / connection options would be helpful. I would imagine one would need to consider proximity crosstalk issues if you are using similar or harmonic frequencies on both antennas. I have yet to test this.
Overall...This is a premium mount at a premium price and should give you years of rugged service noting certain limitations.

Eric Johnson
Easiest install I've ever had of an aftermarket part!

This mount is well designed and well manufactured. I was able to get an SWR of 1.0 on channel 19 using an UngSung NMO to 3/8" x 24 to Marketty SS-3H CB Antenna Spring Heavy Duty with a 2ft Firestik (Firestik II FS-2BK).
One thing to note is that I have an aluminum bed cover - UnderCover ArmorFlex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | AX22022 which may be helping with some of the ground plane and I did make sure I had a good ground to the frame of the vehicle.