ScanGauge II Data Monitor, 6.0L With Mount

Linear LogicSKU: 90100064

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ScanGauge II Data Monitor, 6.0L With Mount

Manufactured by: Linear Logic

Product manual Product manual#2

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Custom Configured for 6.0L or the 6.4L Diesel engines, these data monitors come pre-programmed with the PID's (Parameter ID's) that Bullet Proof Diesel recommends. This will enable you to monitor engine oil and engine coolant temperatures simultaneously! Having the unit pre-programmed will save you valuable time and frustration.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent product

Nice gauge with several fitures, can't go wrong for the price!!

Joel mickelwait
Mount won’t hold scan gauge

Scan gauge works great.

Neither 3m stickum magnet mount will hold the scangauge for more then a few hours then it drops off the mount. Also this is a different mount then what is pictured above. Makes you question what other products this company sells without testing.

Love It

Bought this for my 6.0 to monitor EOT and ECT and other functions that show failure to certain parts and I love it. Showed me that my oil cooler was failing and saved me from more damage being caused!

What a relief!

This little do-hicky gave me an instant sigh of relief. I am able to monitor all of my trouble spots, such as EOT, ECT, FICM, and Boost. I did not care for the window mount, but it did come with velcro, so I was able to route my cable through my dash and velcro the monitor in that pocket. The pre programed unit from BPD was well worth the extra money, considering how much time it saved me on install. I could not be any happier with this unit, and if you have a 6.0, it is an absolute must.

Mikey Wilson
More than expected.

The data I can choose and the versatile layout that I can set each one as. People say live data on their scanners, but this one actually does. I have a 6.0 and this is a blessing. I have suggested this monitor to a few people I know. And speaking of that, the fact that I can use it to scan other Powerstrokes and put it right back on mine. It’s a good product and does what it says, amazing diagnostics,( read the instructions manual) you will be satisfied.