ScanGaugeD Digital Data Monitor

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Product Features

ScanGaugeD Digital Data Monitor

Manufactured by: Linear Logic

  • Compatible With The Both J1939 & J1708 Protocols
  • More Than 15 Built-in Digital Gauges
  • Check & Clear Trouble Codes
  • Multiple Trip Computers
  • X-Gauge Programmable Gauge System (ScanGauge PID Request Form)
  • Automatic Protocol Determination

Also Know:

  • Works with MOST 1987 & newer large diesel Over-The-Road vehicles 

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Advanced Vehicle Monitor for Diesel Pusher Motorhomes and Big Rigs

With the ScanGaugeD, you can monitor the most vital systems of your large diesel powered vehicle and provide the kind of real time information you’ve been missing. Features include more than 15 built-in digital gauges, 5 Trip Computers and an easy-to-use ScanTool that shows trouble codes — all in a compact design that installs in minutes.

Unlike gas powered vehicle, OBDII is not the standard for large diesel powered vehicles such as diesel pusher RVs and over-the-road long-haul trucks – these type of vehicles rely on the J1939 and J1708 protocols. Vehicle diagnostic tools for these vehicles are both cumbersome and expensive. The new ScanGaugeD will change all that.


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