Bypass Oil Filter Assembly, 2010-2018 RAM 6.7L

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Bypass Oil Filter Assembly, 2010-2018 RAM 6.7L

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • It Can Filter Out Impurities Down To 2 Microns.
  • Fits 2010-2018 RAM Trucks with the 6.7L Diesel.

Mitchell1 Manual Installation Manual

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This Engine Oil Bypass Filtration Kit works with 2010-2018 RAM 6.7L trucks. Bypass filtration provides a secondary oil filter your truck.  While the primary filter does most of the filtration of all your oil, this bypass oil filter kit filters your oil much deeper than the primary filter, allowing you to capture and trap the finer debris within your oil.

The Amsoil bypass filter has an absolute rating down to 2 microns! That means that small, finer particles that can easily slip through the primary filter are now caught and trapped within the bypass filter.

These kits 2010-2018 RAM Trucks with the 6.7L engine. 

Connecting the bypass filtration to your truck is easy. You can see how it is done in the documents and diagrams referenced above.

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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Neal
2013 Ram Rebuild

I recently fully rebuilt my 2013 Ram 2500 from intake to exhaust. In that rebuild, I considered the oil quality that would be used in all of the critical moving parts, including a new, high-dollar turbo. BPD offered a bypass oil filter kit that not only had what I considered a complete kit but was also mounted in a location that was easy to access and well-protected by the front bumper. The quality materials used and the premium Amsoil filter were great touches.

Xavier Gutierrez
My Ram needed this!

Years ago I was using Amsoil products but I never thought about that comfor my diesel, until now. This Bypass Filter is a little gem! I did an Amsoil Flush, used Wix oil filter and this huge Bypass Filter, very easy install. A day after my Amsoil oil change and Bypass Filter install my diesel oil is still flowing clean! I’ve never had that happen in 8 years! 140,000 miles on my truck.

Kevin Hawkins

We have not had this on our truck long enough to know how much it will be of benefit to us.