Turbo Oil Feed Tube, Ford 6.0L Diesel, 3C3Z-9T516-A

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Product Features

Turbo Oil Feed Tube, Ford 6.0L Diesel, 3C3Z-9T516-A

Manufactured by: Ford

  • Improved, Direct Replacement For OEM Part
  • Solid Tube - No Flexible Connections To Fail
  • Ford P/N 3C3Z-9T516-A

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Turbo Oil Feed Tube for the Ford 6.0L Diesel. This is the latest and greatest turbo feed tube from Ford. This turbo feed tube is required if you are upgrading to the Bullet Proof Engine Oil Cooler and have an early 2003 production 6.0L (3/18/2003 and older).

Before You Purchase

Prior to 3/18/2003 the Ford 6.0L F-Series had a different style of turbo oil feed tube. It had a threaded connection to the oil cooler housing instead of an o-ring boss connection. If you have a later (newer) version, then you can replace/upgrade with this product. If you have the early style (threaded) and are upgrading to the Bullet Proof Oil Cooler system (with remote mounted oil filter), then this upgraded turbo oil feed tube is required. If you are upgrading to the FOF version of the BPD Oil Cooler (Factory Oil Filter), then this upgrade is NOT compatible.

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