Ford 6.0L OEM 6C3Z-9T515-A 2003-2006 Turbo Oil Drain Tube

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Product Features

Ford 6.0L OEM 6C3Z-9T515-A 2003-2006 Turbo Oil Drain Tube

Manufactured by: Ford

  • Better, Updated Design From Ford
  • Same As 2007 Version
  • Comes With O-Rings

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This new and improved Ford 6.0L turbo oil drain tube replaces the turbo oil drain tube on all 2003-2006 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke diesels. Allows for better draining of oil mixed with carbon particles from the turbo to drain back down into the engine. Easy to replace once the turbo is off, perfect when you are doing the EGR cooler or replacing your turbo.

So why the upgrade? The original Ford turbo oil drain tubes were "hand bent", meaning that the corners and bends were somewhat kinked (and therefore constrictive) when manufactured. This new style has a smooth, mandrel-bend construction that allows for a full-flow through the bends, aiding in draining the oil from the turbo back to the crankcase.

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