BulletProof 6.0L Square EGR Cooler

Bullet Proof DieselSKU: NT-EGRC-1

Sale price$365.00
  • 1x Core: 6.0L Square EGR Core Charge - NT-EGRC-1 - Semi BulletProof ($50.00)

Product Features

BulletProof 6.0L Square EGR Cooler

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • Stainless Steel Tubing That Is Stronger And More Resistant To Fatigue And Heat Stress Failure
  • All Joints And Seams TIG Welded
  • Quality Control Ensures Direct Fit Every Time
  • Replaces Ford P/N 4C3Z-9P456-AC
  • California CARB# D-730

Also Know:

  • Gaskets are NOT included with this product.  Need EGR cooler gaskets?  We sell those, too!  You can find them here:  EGR Cooler Gasket Set
  • We also STRONGLY recommend replacement of your engine oil cooler at the same time. Watch the videos below to learn more.

Mitchell1 Manual Technical tips Technical tips#2

Need help with this product? Call 1-888-967-6653 or 480-247-2331


We all know that the Ford Power Stroke EGR Cooler is a weak-link on the 6.0L diesel engine. Countless owners have replaced their EGR coolers 2, 3 or more times in the first 100,000 miles, and they are not looking forward to doing it for the next 100,000! Are you?

Instead of replacing the Ford EGR Cooler, upgrade it with the damn-near BulletProof 6.0L square EGR cooler from Bullet Proof Diesel! This cooler has been out on the market since 2008. In that time, we have helped thousands of Power Stroke owners just like you cure their EGR cooler problems! This EGR cooler replaces the OEM P/N: 4C3Z-9P456-AC and fits the F-Series 2004.25 to 2007, E-Series 2004.25 to 2010, and the Excursion 2004.25 to 2005 model years. Also replaces 1844085C7, 1845145C96, 1845145C97, 1845145C99, 4C3Z9P456AA, 4C3Z9P456AC, 4C3Z9P456AH, 4C3Z9P456AF, 4C3Z9P456AJ.

This product has a parts-only lifetime warranty so that you can purchase with confidence!

Gaskets and seals are NOT included with this product.  We sell the gasket set separately here:  EGR Cooler Gasket Set


Symptoms of a bad EGR Cooler
Do I need a Round or Square EGR Cooler?
Replace Both Coolers at Same Time
Problems with OEM Oil Cooler
BulletProof Oil Cooler vs. OEM Oil Cooler

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Customer Reviews

Based on 271 reviews
Owner of J & J Automotive Llc

We are proud to be a preferred installer for bullletproof . We opened our shop back in 2011 and have been installing there components ever since . Saves the 6.0 before bulletproof came along they were not a permeant fix . Like a said me and all of my 6.0 customers are happy bulletproof took the time to come out with the parts that keep failing over and over thanks again

Bryan Eaton
EGR Cooler

The stock egr cooler gave out while coming home from a camping trip. Decided it was time to upgrade my truck not just repair it. While I had the top of the engine apart anyway I did the BPD heavy duty oil cooler, BPD water pump and egr valve. John was awesome and a big help figuring out all the details needed to make sure I was getting the correct parts for my year truck. The instructions in the oil cooler kit are great and easy to follow. It’s step by step and they include pictures and exploded diagrams also. This was my first time diving this deep into any diesel but BPD made it easy. The parts are manufactured very well, it’s a shame you don’t get to see the quality when the engine and all other parts are back in place. I am a very satisfied customer and will be returning for the FICM at a later time.

Wesley Cox
Good Product

Replaced this part as a component of my BulletProof upgrade. Installs easy (once the engine is torn down) and the return of the core went smoothly.

Tony Lopresto
Great product!

Had an oil cooler go bad in my 6.0.
While the Local Ford dealership was repairing that, I had them install the. Bullet Proof EGR cooler. Ford had no problem installing it. It was only a matter of time before the factory one would go out so had it replaced while they were in there.

Helaine Kurot
This is a ratings only review.

This is a ratings only review.