Cylinder Head Repair Tool, Injector Bore, Ford 6.0L

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Cylinder Head Repair Tool, Injector Bore, Ford 6.0L

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • Used To Repair Cracks In The Injector Bore
  • Does Not Require Removal Of Cylinder Head
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Covered by U.S. Patent 9,364,924

Mitchell1 Manual Installation Manual

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If you have diesel fuel in your Ford 6.0L cooling system, there is a very strong likelihood that you have a cracked cylinder head(s). This crack occurs in the fuel injector bore and allows diesel fuel to mix with coolant.

The Bullet Proof Diesel Cylinder Head Injector Bore Repair Kit is just that - a tool kit that enables you to be able to repair these pattern failure cracks. This repair procedure can be done with the cylinder head still installed, saving valuable labor time and expensive parts, as well as saving the cylinder head itself.

The symptom of a crack in the injector bore is easy: diesel fuel will be present in the cooling system. This is normally characterized by any or all of these traits:

  • Warped / disfigured degas bottle or degas bottle cap
  • Diesel fuel in and/or leaking out of your degas bottle
  • Discolored / stained degas bottle
  • Cooling system leaks
  • Strong smell of diesel fuel in the cab
  • Consider: the cost of replacing a single cylinder head is going to be in the thousands of dollars. The new cylinder head and gasket is going to cost somewhere in the $1,500+ range and the labor to remove and replace is 14+ labor hours (depending on a few variables, it could be much more). 14 labor hours at even a conservative shop rate of $80 per hour is $1,100+. Together these two costs are going to easily put you over $2,500, and these are most likely conservative numbers.

    The alternative is to repair the cracks within the injector bore, with the cylinder head still in place. This will require the removal of all eight injectors so that the crack(s) can be verified and located. Once identified, the cracks are repaired using the Bullet Proof Diesel Cylinder Head Repair Tool. Once repaired, the injectors are installed and the vehicle is back in service.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    6.0 Head Repair Kit

    The quality of the tool and gauge inside the kit is good, but the repair didn’t work. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend this product.

    697 GARAGE

    The tool worked as advertised. we had a leaking injector cup on cylinder 4 on a customers truck. customer didnt want to spend the money to replace the head. we chose this repair kit over the competitors due to it coming with materials to do 4 cylinders if we needed to and not having to modify the injector itself.

    we followed the instructions and let it sit for a day after the repair before installing the injector, retested that cylinder before assembling and had no more leak.

    Ron Schooley
    Injector Bore Repair Tool

    Once again, worked as advertised. 100% recommend

    larry campbell
    6.0 powerstroke cracked head

    I bought the cylinder head repair tool and followed the directions. found #5 was the crack location. followed the instruction to the letter and retested. the repair was fully sealed on the first application. Great product!!!!!