Cold Weather Package - Upgrade to Bullet Proof Oil Cooling System, 2003-2004

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Cold Weather Package - Upgrade to Bullet Proof Oil Cooling System, 2003-2004

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

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This is the Cold Weather Package that works with the condenser mounted Bullet Proof Oil Cooling System. This upgrade allows you to regulate your engine oil temperatures and oil pressures in extreme cold conditions. The oil temperature is regulated to a minimum 180°F. This allows you to keep your 6.0L diesel engine oil warm when mother nature is at her wintery worst. The oil pressure regulator prevents low engine oil conditions for high-performance and extreme cold weather conditions.
You can read the updated instructions HERE.
You can see how the Cold Weather Package is configured HERE.

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Cold weather kit

Product is good, install is straight forward.

A must for any climate

I had the BP EGR cooler and the oil cooler installed on my 6.0 back in the summer. Being from NC with our mild climate I decided to skip the cold weather kit. Big mistake, even with the temps in the 50 and 60 the oil cooler works so well until the oil temps never got up to the correct operating temp. So I had to go back and have the cold kit put in. Now the engine warms up faster and gets up to the correct operating temp. Save yourself some money and have the cold kit installed. Thanks BPD

A must for cold climates

The oil cooler cold weather kit is a must in a cold climate. I have a portable welding business in Alberta Canada and winter is my busy time of year. The cold weather kit allows my trucks engine to get it oil pressure alot Quicker on startup, and helps it with a quicker warmup.