Bullet Proof Diesel Cooling System Upgrade Kit, Ford 6.0L Diesel, 90MM Water Pump Impeller

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Bullet Proof Diesel Cooling System Upgrade Kit, Ford 6.0L Diesel, 90MM Water Pump Impeller

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel



  • Features a BulletProof Water Pump
  • Hayden Mechanical Fan Clutch
  • BulletProof Fan Clutch Adapter

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  • Free Shipping, too!  This ships and arrives within two business days in most cases!
  • This product will set a "soft-code" in the computer, but will NOT trigger the Check Engine light.

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This is the 90mm Water Pump Impeller version of this kit.

This kit brings you the best way to upgrade your cooling system for your Ford 6.0L diesel. This kit combines our incredible Bullet Proof Diesel Billet Water Pump along with our Fan Clutch Adapter and a Hayden Mechanical Fan Clutch.

The Bullet Proof Diesel Billet Water Pump is designed for maximum durability. It features an aluminum impeller in place of the OEM plastic impeller, top of the line bearing assembly, top-grade seal and an all-billet precision machined housing. This stronger impeller resists cracking along the hub helping to prevent impeller failures, overheating engines and expensive repairs. The aluminum impeller is also stiffer and stronger and therefore less likely to flex under heavy loads, leading to less cavitation and less erosion within the front cover. The billet housing is strong and more precise than a typical water pump cast housing.

A mechanical fan clutch and fan clutch adapter allows you to install a non-electrical fan clutch on the Ford 6.0L diesel!

This combination of fan clutch and adapter allow you to use a 6.0L fan blade assembly with a mechanical/thermal fan clutch. This combination works very well for those that require heavy duty cooling needs.

Please note - that installation of a mechanical fan clutch does NOT set a check engine light. It will set a "soft code" (the code is stored in the computer) but no check engine light will be turned on.

Not sure about the diameter of your water pump impeller?

The only way to TRULY know if you have the 90mm or 100mm water pump on your Ford 6.0L is to measure it.  However, we can help you make an educated guess.

The 2003 and early 2004 models came stock with a 90mm impeller.  The later models upgraded to a 100mm version.  Some earlier models might have had their front cover replaced/upgraded over time (to the 100mm version), so it is possible to have an '03 with a 100mm water pump.

Not sure?  Either remove your pump and measure it first... or check your VIN code and use this information to determine your model of truck and make an educated guess.

If you have a 2003 you are in the 2003-2004.25 production date, and most likely a 90mm water pump.

If you have a 2005 or newer, you most likely have the 100mm water pump.

If you have a 2004 model you need to check your VIN code to determine your production date.

A sample VIN code is: 1FTRW21P2 4EB10150. In the middle of the VIN code, you see the digits "4EB". The 4 means that it was a 2004 model year. The "E" denotes which production plant built your truck. In this case, E is for Kentucky. Lastly, the "B" is the start of the sequence number (the last 6 digits of the VIN). Some early 2004 models have a "4EA" code. The "A" denotes the early build and most likely is a 2003-2004.25 production date. The "B", "C", "D" or more all denote later model 2004 builds with 2004.25 and newer production dates.


BulletProof Cooling System Upgrades for your 6.0L

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Customer Reviews

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Dale Allen
Very well built

I installed the upgrade over the weekend and changes the t-stat while I was at it. Coolant Temp at 192 with EOT at 198. Outside air temp at 89degrees. So far I love it. We'll see how it does when I hook the fifth wheel up.

Well built products..

The products look very well built unfortunately haven't been able to install, have to wait now for the second water pump. the paragraph that explains which one you need is confusing to read even tho I read it 30 times and waited weeks to make sure I bought the right one. Well I read it wrong of course and the parts are non returnable, so now I'm 1200 deep.

Patrick Smith
This is a ratings only review.

This is a ratings only review.

Bryce McDuffie
This is a ratings only review.

This is a ratings only review.

christopher long
6.0L Bulletproof Waterpump and fan upgrade

While towing my 5th wheel camper I was experiencing coolant temps spiking at 230*. Decided to do the bulletproof water pump/fan upgrade and so glad I did! The quality of the parts are top notch. The packaging was top notch and sales was very easy to deal with when I asked for specific shipping instructions. Was a very smooth process and easy installation if you have any mechanical ability. Took me a total of 2.5 hours to do including a new thermostat and coolant flush. My coolant temps now do not spike more than 208* and come back down to 192* in a flash. Glad I did this upgrade on my 6.0L and would recommend it to anyone having temp issues while towing. I will def be ordering from Bulletproofdiesel with future upgrades.