Supplemental Cooling System 2021-2023 Jeep Gladiator/Wrangler Diesel

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Product Features

Supplemental Cooling System 2021-2023 Jeep Gladiator/Wrangler Diesel

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel


  • Easy Installation
  • All necessary hoses, hardware, and radiator for the installation
  • Up to a 20% increase in available engine power during towing conditions
  • Fits 2021-2023 diesel equipped Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler

Also know:

  • Designed for a Factory “Plastic” (Non Winch) Front Bumper.
  • If you have a factory winch style “steel” bumper, please call us at 480-247-2331 to discuss further. 

Mitchell1 Manual Installation Manual

Need help with this product? Call 1-888-967-6653 or 480-247-2331


Want improved cooling for your Jeep EcoDiesel engine?  It is easy with the BulletProof Supplemental Cooling System.

By adding an additional external radiator, this cooling system increases the cooling capacity to minimize 'defuel' conditions while towing. A cooler engine means more power and added engine durability.

The diesel powered Jeep has become quite popular and has a ton of really good attributes.  The addition of the diesel engine in the Jeep platform gave the rig great horsepower and amazing torque for towing or low speed high engine load conditions.  The problem exists in the fact that the manufacturer chose to not change the overall "look" of the Wrangler/Gladiator to accommodate the EcoDiesel option.  Of course, if it is a Jeep, it must look like a Jeep.  That created some serious design constraints for the cooling system effectiveness.  Our own experience with the 2021 EcoDiesel equipped Gladiator tells us the radiator was grossly undersized and cooling system performance was, well, lacking, especially in Arizona!

As you can imagine, reconfiguring the cooling stack - or even redesigning the front of the Jeep for that matter - is a monumental task, so an alternative was developed.  Simply stated, this product will tap into the engine cooling system - specifically the coolant circuit to and from the engine oil cooler - and then route this coolant out of the oil cooler to a remote mounted supplemental radiator.  This radiator is then safely mounted between the frame rails and between the front skid plate/bumper assembly.  This solution is the best way to add cooling system capacity without having to completely redesign the truck. 

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Vast Improvement

Great solution for adding additional cooling capacity. Not a complete fix, but a significant improvement especially for towing.