BulletProof International MaxxForce 9, 10, DT, EGR Cooler- EPA 10

Bullet Proof DieselSKU: 6800012

Sale price$2,495.00
  • 1x Core: MaxxForce EPA 10 EGR Cooler Core Charge - 6800012 ($800.00)
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Product Features

BulletProof International MaxxForce 9, 10, DT, EGR Cooler- EPA 10

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel


  • Stainless Steel Tubing That Is Stronger and More Resistant to Fatigue And Heat Stress Failure
  • Vacuum Brazed For Strong Construction
  • Uses Patented Helical H-core Technology to Increase Reliability
  • Quality Control Ensures Direct Fit Every Time
  • Fleet Pricing Available - Call For Details
  • Questions? Call And You'll Learn Why Major Fleets Buy Only Bulletproof EGR Coolers
  • OEM P/N: 1889336C98, 5010734R92, 1883581C1, 7082870C2, 2513976C92, 2515854C91, 2515854C92, 5012354R91, 7099152C91


  • 2010-2016 Maxxforce DT/9/10 Engines

Also Know:

Need gaskets with this EGR Cooler? We sell those here:  EGR Cooler Gasket Set with Mounting Bolts  OR  EGR Cooler Gasket Set without Bolts

Need help with this product? Call 1-888-967-6653 or 480-247-2331


Fleet pricing is available on this product.

Not Sold? Call us and discover why major fleets buy only BulletProof EGR Coolers.

Bullet Proof Diesel's reputation for building tough, capable and functional components is well known. This International EGR cooler is no exception. Buy yours today and find out with thousands of our customers already know about Bullet Proof Diesel products.

This product is built better by using our patented H-Core Helical Core Technology that allows it to endure when other EGR coolers fail. Buy it today and see for yourself why these EGR coolers are trusted by national fleets, state-wide fire departments and other customers just like you.

Upgraded replacement for these OEM Applications: 1889336C98, 5010734R92 1883581C1, 7082870C2, 2513976C92, 2515854C91, 2515854C92, 7082872C92, 5012354R91, 7099152C91.

If you're having trouble with your truck's MaxxForce 9/10/DT EGR cooler, you should know this isn't an uncommon occurrence. Your MaxxForce EGR cooler withstands a great deal of punishment and, due to the design of conventional EGR coolers, will likely rupture and fail, eventually requiring replacement. When this happens, you can significantly improve your truck's performance and reliability by installing the BulletProof Diesel MaxxForce EGR cooler shown here.

Whether used to replace your OEM 2010 MaxxForce EGR cooler or a 2016 MaxxForce EGR cooler, this BulletProof upgrade, which uses a patented H-Core technology (helically-wound internal stainless-steel tubing) to add a level of durability meant to last the lifetime of your vehicle. All joints and seams are TIG welded or vacuum brazed to increase durability even more. This particular EGR cooler is a direct-fit replacement for the following International MaxxForce OEM parts numbers: 1889336C98, 5010734R92, 1883581C1, 7082870C2, 2513976C92, 2515854C91, 2515854C92.

There is a core associated with this product.  Learn more: CORE Charge

Before You Purchase

Gaskets are NOT included with this product, but we have them available at a great price.

NOTE: There is a fully refundable CORE charge with this product that will be added to your cart at checkout.  Please click here to learn more: CORE


BulletProof EGR Coolers featuring patented H-Core Technology

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Mario Preciado

I am a big fan of bullet proof parts have not driven my truck much but i am sure the bullet proof part will out live the truck

Ryan Pruismann
another success

this is our second bulletproof EGR cooler kit first kit fixed all our issues so it was a no brainer to purchase another one when another engine started having EGR cooler issues.... there is a difference in the way they cool and flow THANKS AGAIN to bulletproof !!!

Dan Coutu
Fit perfect, great quality

This Cooler was a perfect upgrade for a town truck that doesn’t see many miles and was almost the same price as the stock one. I will be using their coolers and other high quality parts again in the future. Customer support was amazing as well!

Justin Brands
Money well spent. Cheaper than an in-frame.

We all know the stock cooler sucks and cracks the second it doesn't have coolant or overheats. leading to coolant in the after-treatment system $$$$. possibly hydrlocking cylinders and bending rods $$$$$$. We just watched this cooler pay for itself when a fan belt broke and to our amazement didn't crack the cooler. its expensive up front but well worth it. I like lifetime warranties, it means they stand behind their product. But I don't like lifetime warranties when I still have to cover labor and down time when components fail. This is not that. It is a great product.

Jordan transportation
Over priced

Over priced them self right out of the market