6.0L Blown Head Gasket & EGR Cooler Bubble Tester

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6.0L Blown Head Gasket & EGR Cooler Bubble Tester

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

Bullet Proof Diesel Bubble Tester

  • Simple and Easy to Use

Mitchell1 Manual

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This BulletProof 6.0L head gasket tester tool is designed to help you test your truck to see if you have a blown head gasket, blown EGR cooler or both. Simple and easy to use, you can learn how it works and see it in action in our video below.

If you know you have a blown EGR cooler (see video below) and now wonder if you ALSO have a blown head gasket, this test can help shed some light on the matter. Watch the video enough times so that you understand the concept before you order.


Symptoms of a bad EGR Cooler
Using the Bubble Tester

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