2005-2006 6.0L F-Series, Professional Package - OEM Oil Filter

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2005-2006 6.0L F-Series, Professional Package - OEM Oil Filter

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • See Description Below For Full List Of Parts Included With This Kit

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Why do you need the Bullet Proof Diesel 6.0L professional install package? If you have ever done any repairs on your home or your truck, then you know about having to make several trips to the parts store, buying the extra little washer that decided to leak or to purchase that oil filter that you are going to change after all. This kit is the "extra" parts that the pros at Bullet Proof Diesel use with every install.

Your kit will include all these parts:

  • Turbo Drain Tube - Upgraded Turbo Drain Tube that improves oil flow from the turbo back to the crankcase.
  • Fuel Filters - Service and Replace BOTH of your fuel filters when you have the fuel filter assembly apart.
  • Fuel Filter O-Ring Kit - Service and Replace the o-rings and gaskets that seal up the fuel filter assembly to prevent fuel leaks.
  • Turbo Pigtail Harness - The plastic clips on the turbo harness connector get hot, brittle and then break. Replace this harness with a new connector.
  • Oil Pressure Sender - The oil pressure sender loves to fail and leak oil all over your engine. Replace this part with a new one while its simple and easy.
  • Oil Filter - A brand new Motorcraft oil filter is included in this package, so you are ready to roll at your first oil change.
  • Injector Pressure Regulator Screen Kit - The IPR is one of the most CRITICAL pieces on your 6.0L... make sure you clean and replace the IPR screen while its easy to do!
  • Fan Clutch Wire Harness Saver - This innovative invention saves your fan clutch wires from being destroyed by your cooling fan.
  • EGR Valve O-Rings - New o-rings for the existing EGR valve to reseal it with the manifold.
  • High Pressure Oil Pump Fitting Upgrade Kit (2005-UP only) - Fix one of the biggest problems with the OEM oil feed system. This part allows you to upgrade a problematic part while you have the turbo removed.


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Wesley Cox
Critical Kit to Get

This kit has everything you need to replace the gaskets, seals, and o-rings while upgrading to BulletProof parts. This kit saved me countless trips to the parts store for stuff unlikely to be considered before-hand. Definitely necessary.