Crows Foot Wrench, Fits Bullet Proof Diesel Hose Fittings 1-1/4"

Bullet Proof DieselSKU: 6502186

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Product Features

Crows Foot Wrench, Fits Bullet Proof Diesel Hose Fittings 1-1/4"

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • Fits 1-¼" Fittings
  • Works With BPD Oil Cooler Line Fittings
  • Makes Install and Removal easier
  • Quality Steel Construction

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This tool aids in the removal and installation of the hoses and fittings on the Bullet Proof Diesel engine oil cooler. Fits 1-1/4 inch fittings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Made removal of hose fitting super easy

Works great on a 1/2 rachet. I needed to remove and re-route my oil line on the passenger side and this tool allowed me to remove the hose from the BPD cooler and slip the hose out and re-route it around the A/C lines and battery cables in a better way than the original installer did.

Crows Foot Wrench

Perfect when for when installing the hoses that come with the kit air to oil cooler kit. Saved me from removing the turbo and harness.

I wish i would have looked for this sooner

I have not yet used this tool. Looks like it should work well. The opening in the foot is tight sliding on the hose, but at least it won't spin around and drop off under everything else on the engine. Should make finalizing hose lay out much easier. My biggest complaint was that I never saw this come up as a recommended piece when looking at the coolers on their website, or as an option when ordering a kit.

Waiting a long time for this!

I believe this tool is an absolute must for replacing hoses. When you initially install the filter bypass kit, everything is apart and open. However, when you have to replace a hose, this tool makes it much easier. Getting any other wrench up around the turbo is impossible. Yes, you may only use this tool once. You'll wish you had it if you don't pick one up!

Excellent tool

This tool is really helpful but it is extremely expensive for what it is.