So I just bought a Ford 6.0L or a 6.4L... where do I start?

What should I do first?

There is a lot to learn and a lot to know about the Ford 6.0L engine and truck. We strongly suggest that you watch our videos and read through our magazine articles. You should also go through our Information Center and our FAQ sections.

OK... I reviewed that information... what else?

Once you are educated, you will need a way to monitor what's going on under the hood. The dashboard information leaves a lot to be desired, so we suggest that you add a Data Monitor to your rig. This will enable you to watch and see precisely what is happening.

I've got the data monitor and I am collecting data. Now what?

Once you have gathered some data, it will then be time to decide when and what you want to Bullet Proof. Our Road Map will guide you in the Bullet Proofing process can link you to the proper products.

I have some specific questions. Can you help?

If you have more questions (and we are sure you will) please start with step #1 and then give us a call to discuss. Our sales team will spend all the time you want answering your questions in a no-pressure conversation. We're that easy to work with. You can reach us at 888-967-6653 or 480-247-2331.