Genuine OE parts offered for Cummins, Duramax, Ford and International applicaions.

OEM Parts

6.0L Ford EGR Cooler Gasket Set, Complete
Metal Oil Pan, Ford 6.7L, BC3Z-6695-B
6.7L Ford Oil Pan Bolts, Set of 15
Motorcraft Silicone Sealant, TA-31
Ford 6.0L Degas Bottle Cap, 9C3Z-8101-BFord 6.0L Degas Bottle Cap, 9C3Z-8101-B
6.0 Powerstroke IPR Valve Screen Kit
Head Gasket Install Kit Ford 6.4L, NO ARP StudsHead Gasket Install Kit Ford 6.4L, NO ARP Studs
Head Gasket, 18mm, Ford 6.0L Diesel, Each
Head Gasket, 20mm, Ford 6.0L Diesel, Each,
EGR Valve, Diesel, 2003- 6/2004, 4C3Z-9F452-A

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