BulletProof 6.0L-to-7.3L Fan Clutch Adapter

Manufacturer: Bullet Proof Diesel
Product code: 6502213
  • BulletProof 6.0L-to-7.3L Fan Clutch Adapter
  • BulletProof 6.0L-to-7.3L Fan Clutch Adapter
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Product Features

BulletProof 6.0L-to-7.3L Fan Clutch Adapter

Manufactured by: Bullet Proof Diesel

  • Converts from Electronic OEM Fan Clutch to Mechanical Operation
  • Works only with 7.3L Fan Clutch from 1997
  • No Check Engine Light.. but Will Set a "Soft-Code"

Also Know

  • This adapter is compatible with the 1997 7.3L Ford fan clutch ONLY. The 6.0L fan will bolt to the 1997 7.3L fan clutch.
  • A soft-code means that the computer will set a code that will appear if scanned, but will not set the Check Engine light.
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The Bullet Proof Diesel Fan Clutch Adapter will allow you to convert your fan clutch from the electrical, computer controlled 6.0L cooling fan assembly to the rugged, mechanical fan clutch found on the 1997 Ford 7.3L diesel.

This is a great product for fleets, company vehicles and those that participate in heavy towing applications.

BulletProof Cooling System Upgrades for your 6.0L
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